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Spreading light through Music and Solar energy



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The song is about a a DMT trip and a lover in Costa Rica. The video is a collaborative story about an ancient pixie from another planet who lives in a magical tree. She is guided by the Rose Quartz and Lapis goddess-witches to the next stage towards the ultimate goal of arriving at the solar punk village.


Can't Stay Away

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They were next door neighbors.

Their names were Tonzi and Atreyu.

High above in the sky was a magical planet called Kai-Kai.

This is where the Archetypes lived.

They had solved the sacred mathematics for manifesting thoughts

into reality between time and space.

This is where the story begins.



I express the in-between — blurring the lines between fantasy and reality — between life and dream - between what is accepted and what is the future.


I express with the goal of creating harmony on earth by being myself. I can begin to create the world I want to live in by being silly, playful, experimental and making beautiful messes.


I believe we can manifest the reality of living in a magical world one step at a time.


Solar Punk Village

The vision is to spread light through music and solar energy. The ultimate 3-year goal of the magical music project is to solarize (equip with solar panels) a Solarpunk Village.


A Solarpunk Village is a fusion of nature and technology to create a beacon of abundance.

The idea of a Solarpunk village is not to remove ourselves from society, but rather, integrating ourselves with nature and technology. Specifically ethically sourced, decentralizing technologies and materials where we can still order things from the internet, have common work spaces and comfortable interconnected relationships between nature and technology.




Thank you to all of the wonderful people who have joined and assisted the Tonziland project.

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Magic Moves

Stay in tune with the magic moves. Receive periodic mystical messages of the natural growth of the project. We will never give out your email. Hugs! We support and believe in people being themselves and by doing so, empower others to do the same. The end.

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Join us on our journey through the magical world and solarizing the planet Earth! Moving from fantasy to reality. No matter how big or small, your contribution will make you an Appreciated Art Patron and earn you many pixie points that you can use to make wishes under a full moon :)

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Cameron Gray is being so kind as to post the videos for Tonziland on D.Tube today so we wouldn’t have to wait 2 days for the steemit account process because we believe in decentralizing all the things.